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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I compare quotes?

Our service personally matches you with 3 to 5 of our approved modified car insurance providers. Although our quotes are instant, it will take around 10 minutes for our trusted providers to find you the best possible cover. Shortly after they will then contact you with details of your policy, allowing you to make any changes as well as the opportunity to ask any questions. We believe that the chance to speak to a representative minimises the risk of mistake within your policy and allows you to find the best policy at the most competitive price.

What is classed as a modification?

To put it simply, if your car has been altered or customised in any way since leaving the car factory then it is classed as modification. Cover for a modified car starts from small changes such as added alloy wheels to performance enhancing gear. Anything that modifies the look or performance of your car needs to be declared in order for you get the best insurance.

Am I covered against theft?

As with most insurance policies there are different schemes which you can buy:

Comprehensive cover – All comprehensive policies can be different but generally with comprehensive cover the car is protected against an accident, theft or fire. It will be repaired or written off with the insurer paying out the current market value of the car.

Third party, fire and theft – This insurance offers everything that third party does but with the added protection against fire damage and theft.

Third party – Third party insurance is cheaper than fully comprehensive and slightly cheaper than third party, fire and theft. Third party insurance is the minimum level of car insurance required by law. It covers any third party (not you or your car). Fire damage or theft is not covered. If you were to have an accident with another vehicle, you would not be compensated in any way but the other vehicle would.

Please check with each insurer as to what is covered in your policy offer.

Why do I need specialist modified car insurance?

Insurance is a legal requirement but the cover provided for a modified car is different in comparison to regular car insurance. A great amount of time and money is invested into modified cars including expensive equipment and parts. These add-ons need to be protected and a modified car insurance policy will do just that. It makes sense to insure your investment and protect your gear with our trusted insurers.

Can I drive abroad?

It is always wise to check with each and every provider what driving abroad cover they offer, this could be described as European cover, EU cover or driving abroad cover. Each provider can supply you with a full list of the countries and territories covered. If you do not require cover abroad it may be possible to remove this from your policy to reduce the premium. Please check with each insurance partner what cover is available.

If I join a mod club will I get a discount?

It’s always a good idea to join a car club that has enthusiasts just like you and by doing so some of our leading insurance companies will reward you with a discount. Tell the insurer and reap the benefits of being a mod club member.

Will I be insured at car shows/rallys?

This is a feature that can be easily added onto your policy either when you first take out your insurance or as and when it is needed.

I have an immobiliser does this make my insurance cheaper?

Anything that helps to protect your car will always be of benefit to not only your car but your wallet too! Discounts for added safety features are available through some of our insurers so it’s always worth mentioning to help lower your premium.


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