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AutoKandy’s Heat Changing Paint

AutoKandy – a West Yorkshire based company – released a video of their own Nissan Skyline R33 changing colour by pouring warm water on the car, turning it from a luminous orange to black. The video has reached over 2.6 million views in the past few weeks of its release. Darrel Poole, one of the guys over at AutoKandy, released the video to the public and upon visiting their website the first paragraph states how they have been inundated with comments on the video and also the amount of enquiries of the paint job.

“Heat Changing Paint” has been around for a long while and is better known asThermochromism. Don’t be fooled, this is not an easy subject to understand with a lot of science behind it such as understanding the different wave lengths of colours at different temperatures. However, this isn’t the first that we have seen ofThermochromism, mood rings and then Thermo-chromatic dyes, that had been used in t-shirts.

Having this on any vehicle would be a good idea, in terms of motorsport, having a car bonnet that would begin to turn a different colour once it reaches a certain temperature to warn that the engine has reached a particular temperature as a pre-emptive measure, just in case the gauges fail for whatever reason.

Question is – would you have this on your daily run around or prized show car? Take a look at the link below:

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