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Car Essentials

Every petrol head has a little box with all the car essentials inside, from cloths to de-icer. The winter is upon us and the show season is over which means it’s time to start stocking up for the New Year. With the winter weather slowly creeping its way in and snow being unpredicted having everything at hand is key. Below we have a list of what you need to get you through the winter and also preparing for winter weather.


Under-sealing your car is a great way to keep the rust to a minimum especially to the older models but should be carried out nonetheless. It should be done at least once a year – just before the winter starts and after the winter season has been. This ensures that the coat is still strong enough to withstand the elements.


Dead weight to many and a saviour to others, whether you like them or not, if you get in a spot of bother a spare wheel will help you get home (albeit at a maximum of 50 mph on the motorways). Make sure there is enough tread on the wheel and also check to make sure there are no cracks or punctures. This is also an MOT failure if the spare wheel isn’t up to standard.

Snow Chains:

They may not come out a lot during the year but they do sure come in handy when it snows and you need to use your car. Used to give the vehicle extra grip on the road, they simply fit over the tyre and away you go. They’re easy to store and aren’t as expensive as people think.


The UK has some really temperamental weather, therefore, stock up on de-icer as you may walk out one morning and your windscreen will be iced over. The simplest essential that you will need, so make sure that you’re prepared.

Car Shampoo:

Simple, effective and some are even scented. Whether its snow-foam which is applied through a pressure washer or the 2 bucket method, shampoo works on getting the grit and grime off your paint work, and the best bit is that is cheap. You can get a 5L tub of cherry scented car shampoo for around £10-£15 (depending on supplier and brand) this should last you a long while – unless you clean your car every week.


Important as it acts like a sealant to stop toxins and other harmful substances attacking the paint, wax is a barrier that not only helps to protect your car but it also makes it shine. Some are scented and there are also a few that are tailored to a particular colour range to help bring out the best from your paintwork – but it’s not cheap stuff.

Micro-fibre cloths:

Can be bought in single cloths or in packs, these are essential to any cleaning products. Can be used with wax, interior cleaner, alloy cleaner, you name it micro-fibre cloths can do it. They’re not too expensive and bulk buys see you through the year.

Waffle Cloth/ Chamois Cloth:

Dries up all excess water off the paint work and don’t buy cheap because they don’t tend to do a good job which means more work during the waxing stage. These too can either be bought in packets or single cloths depending on the retailer.

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