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Car Season Returns!

New Year means that yet another car season is about to start with the first official show of the year being held at Santa Pod Raceway, Northampton. The Fast Show which met a very wet ending last year is scheduled for later in the calendar for the 23rd of March due to last year’s complete washout thanks to bad weather conditions. However, setting this year’s show at a later date will mean that the day should be greeted by a much better forecast than the previous year (although it is British weather – so don’t hold your breath)!

As the last shows of 2013 came to a slow halt on the run up to winter, car enthusiasts and show goers put their much loved cars away for the winter and the work began! After searching through forums and scouring different sources of social media it is clear that many owners have laid on for some well needed TLC and started various projects over the winter period.

Some projects are just to ensure that the car is maintained which usually contains doing a full service, under sealing the car, making sure all tires are legal and general checks to ensure the car will last another year with the normal things being replaced along the way including having the right insurance. On the flip side to this, some cars have gone to the extremes of being stripped down and are being rebuilt from the ground up, new engines, air-ride or suspension and a new set of wheels to complete the outside.

If you are a budding enthusiast and are part of a forum for your particular vehicle, why not go and take a look at what will be unleashed on UK roads within the next few months. Inspiration and motivation is what can be gained simply by looking at another person’s build thread and that is all that is needed to set off a chain of events that will set aside the normal from the extravagant.

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