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Common Mistakes When Tuning Cars

Although tuning a car is very popular, sadly a lot of common mistakes can occur. Modifying a car shouldn’t lead to dangerous consequences but so many forget that stopping a car is just as important as improving its speed. Upgrading your brakes is definitely something that should be considered when adding any modification to your vehicle. Brake upgrades needn’t cost the earth and can be as simple as fitting high friction pads.

D.I.Y electrical work, like feeding electrical wiring through cut holes in metal panels, is a major fire risk and it is only a matter of time until the normal vibrations from your car cut through the shielding wire and come into contact with the body of the car. Not only does it produce the hazard of fire it can lead to potential drastic results for your car’s overall electrical systems. Adding a rubber grommet that is wrapped around the cable should protect it from wearing on the bodywork.

Other electrical dangers occur with basic good practice like fuse fitting and splicing wires. Remember if you are unsure ALWAYS ask an expert.

Relocating batteries can be a bad idea but unfortunately some people still choose to do this. The only batteries that should be fitted are ones that are completely sealed, maintenance-free ones which do not vent.

Another common modification that is sometimes neglected is the lowering of a car. Something that is often over looked after lowering a car is the notion of making sure the camber and toe settings are adequate for the newly lowered vehicle. Without this, the handling of the car can be put in jeopardy.

Installing anything into your car that is not factory standard will mean modifying your car, so making sure it is done in the right way is vital. Remember to seek advice from experts in the industry; specialist insurance companies, professional fitters etc.  to help keep your modified car safely on the road.

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