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A purely VAG group show that has been created by VW lovers and enthusiasts. They all come from different backgrounds, with different interests, but the one thing they have in common; their love for anything and everything Volkswagen. Every year they come together to bring the whole Volkswagen community a show that the UK can be proud to bring in line with other shows such as the famous “Worthersee VW Show”. The show started back in 2009 and 4 years later it has become one of the “go-to” shows for any true Volkswagen fan.

The “Show & Shine” area of the event will display the finest German and Dutch metal that the UK fan base has to offer. Each person will show off their car and battle it out to see who has produced the finest looking vehicle of the show. Time, effort and money have been poured into these high quality motors so every person deserves to win. Each has their own reason, but at the end of the day it’s the judges say that counts. Could you be walking away with the best car in show?


VW Golf MK I:

VW Polo:

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