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Is it a Bird? Is it a Plane? No, it’s the Ultimate Modified Car!

After years of working on the sci-fi dream, the idea of a flying car may not be TOO far away, according to vertical take-off and landing developer, Moller International.

They say that they’re about $80 million closer to creating the daily car aircraft and the notion of your daily commute being in the air is just about visible in the future.

The aptly named ‘SkyCar’ is being designed with speeds of up to 300 MPH and for an altitude of up to 36,000 feet. The vehicle will happily seat 4 people and the idea is not to replace commercial air travel but improve land travel.

In the long-term, Moller International hope to bring the SkyCar to the masses and not just those with elite hobbies or past times. For many though this air craft invention is just an alternative to current super cars and sports cars.

Plans are currently in place for a Southern California company to offer the remaining funding in order to kick start further production for the SkyCar to hit the marketplace.

The futuristic vehicle is a joint venture from both Moller International and Athena Technologies, Inc. of Harbor City California. Combined, the two companies have over 30 years of technical experience adding validity to their SkyCar endeavour.

With so much interest in the project the two businesses are predicting a prominent $480 million investment with several different varieties of aircraft in the pipeline. One of these designs includes the ‘Neuera’ vehicle which resembles a flying saucer type vehicle powered by high velocity fans. Much like the idea of a flying saucer, the company claims that the ‘Neuera’ can operate upto 10 feet above any surface reaching the ultimate combination of cababilities which are only normally seen from boats, hovercraft, snowmobile and other off road vehicles.

Main production of the flying vehicles is not planned to commence until 2014 when an official agreement between Moller International and Athena has been reached but keep your eyes peeled in the skies!

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