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Modifications of Millionaire Boy Racers

Channel 4’s newest documentary ‘Millionaire Boy Racers’ invites you into the world of wonderfully rich Arab tourists as the streets of London are turned into a play-ground for the wealthy and their supercars.

Whilst most Brits tend to look elsewhere for a summer holiday, the young Arab tourists can’t wait to descend across our Capital as a top destination for their annual, speedy vacation.      As the vibrant Arabs swap the blistering heat of their homes in the Middle East for a summer of motoring fun in Blighty, many Londoners are starting to complain about sleepless nights caused by the revving engines of the many Bugatti Veyron’s and Koenigsegg super cars that are a common sight over the summer months.

These young, elite owners are seen enjoying showing off their beloved modified supercars in the city but with complaints being made by locals, the police have been left with no choice but to clamp down and reprimand those caught driving without correct insurance, tax and even number plates.

The documentary also introduces the audience to the new phenomenon of ‘carparazzi’ where young, mostly males track down the supercars, photograph them and post them online. As with most interesting videos and photographs it is apparent that the noisier and shiner the supercar is, the better.

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