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Modified Motors at Ultimate Dubs 2013

March 10th marked the beginning of this year’s Ultimate Dubs at the renowned Telford International Centre where over 250 cars from across the UK and Europe put on a dedicated show.

Passionate for the car scene, the Ultimate Dubs team kept the notoriety of UD high, bringing together cars from around the world. Motors from Austria, Belgium and even the USA showed their worth as hundreds of people queued at the door for a glimpse of this year’s event.

Proving its substance, Ultimate Dubs pulled off one of the season’s first, biggest shows providing visitors with brand new cars and returning favourites – and not forgetting everything in between!

A variety of trade stands were in command by the many show-goers, whether you needed advice on something specialist or just wanted to have a like-minded chat with other enthusiasts.

A multitude of industry professionals were also in tow to offer assistance whenever needed and to help make the show run as smooth as it did.

Plenty of trade stands were on hand to offer every accessory and in car entertainment gadget you could wish for, whether you were after some styling tips, advice on suspension or the latest wheel information, there wasn’t anything you couldn’t find at this year’s Ultimate Dubs.

Suiting everyone’s taste from Stock to Old Skool and from Nu Wave to Tuned Car sections, the day was enjoyed by many enthusiasts and with over 40 clubs in attendance a fantastic buzz was felt throughout the day.

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