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Re-Use & Re-Cycle

Current campaigns around the place have been about saving the planet, reusing items and recycling as best as we can. Every modifier has come to a stretch of bother when something breaks and they are unable to fund a replacement.

The solution: “Bodge Job”. Scouring the internet one can find a selection of funny, yet possibly dangerous modifications people have made to their vehicles.

The first one seems to have hit this guy in the suspension department, taking on the current JDM craze of using cable ties on anything and everything! (If you haven’t come across the JDM Cable Tie Craze, go to any search engine images and have a quick look to the uses plastic ties have within the world of motoring). The help of a trusty used brown leather belt to hold the larger parts this person has managed to get away with keeping his rear suspension intact.

Have a nasty blowing sound coming your exhaust? Or your car sounding funny? Isn’t it annoying when there are holes in your exhaust system causing funny sounds and even potential power losses?

Well this next motoring fan has not only got a good buzz from saving themselves a bit of money from needing to buy a new back box, but is also saving the planet, kind of.

An Energy Drink can and a few metal ties later and no more exhaust blows or the need for a new exhaust – Brilliant!

Mercedes-Benz, the pinnacle car for Luxury and Affordability, so doing things the right way would be the ideal choice for any person wanting to maintain their cars name and prestige. The Mercedes bonnet badges have been a common thing to get “broken off” and are a pain to replace and also quiet expensive. Not for this owner, taking a few minutes of your time, an old metal coat hanger from the bottom of your wardrobe, and some good old elbow grease, this person has managed to make themselves the (not so) prestigious Mercedes-Benz badge.

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