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Speed Demons; a quick fix for fast cars!

Looking After Your Car

If there is one thing that is easy to do, in order to keep your car in an enviable condition, it would be to just to look after it.

Regular servicing and tuning can make a significant difference to the overall performance of the car and, where consistent checks and updates to fuel and boost pressures are carried out, optimum efficiency will be gained from your car.

Cost to service ranges between £50 and £300 with tuning coming in between £150 and £500.


Let The Car Breathe!

Full exhaust systems, decat pipe, and induction kits on more modern cars can help to gain extra power should you wish to replace the standard restrictive exhaust systems and such from your car’s original set-up. The typical systems in place are there for power reducing and noise lowering levels for economical and reliability reasoning, however by upgrading what’s under your bonnet these performance mods will not only surprise you with affordability but will push up your power too.

A performance ECU chip is also a simple mod, improving power and drivability for relatively little cash. You’ll only get small gains on a N/A car, but turbocharged cars can sometimes give upwards of 25bhp.



It won’t come as a shock that the heavier the weight inside your car, the shoddier performance it will have, especially in smaller vehicles. A cheeky tip if you wanted more oomph for your money is to strip it out! Items like back seats, in car entertainment and air conditioning systems all add to the overall weight of your modified car. Removing these things may offer better breaking and handling.

This is completely free to do and you can be as extreme as you would like, but make sure you keep in mind the legal requirements for a car for use on the roads!

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