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Velvet heaven? Wrapped Porsche Panamera causes a stir!

Here at it’s Modified Car Insurance we are used to seeing various cars in different wrap designs but we can’t say we’ve ever seen one wrapped in velvet! This week pictures of a Porsche Panamera emerged when former Apprentice contestant, James Lester, spotted the car in West London and took to his Twitter account to post images.

The car itself is worth between £60,000 and £100,000 and the velvet wrap has caused quite a stir for many with some commenting that it is an ‘eyesore’ and has likeness to a ‘furry mouse on wheels.’

Named the Velvet Elite 9100, the wrap is available for all vehicle types in a range of colours, including fuchsia pink and orange if a brighter colour is more your style.

As, like most, one of our first thoughts were about the up-keep of the material; what happens when it rains? What happens when the inevitable flock of angry birds come along? According to sources, the car is well prepared for these kind of situations with a superior coat on the velvet that has specialist adhesive and durable textile fibers to consequently withstand our typical British weather.

The material should last approximately three years and if for any reason the owner changes heart, the wrap can be removed by a team of experts who will restore the car fully to production line standard.

Raccoon, the company that supplied the wrap, charged £2,500 for the treatment.

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