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Wooden Cars to Take Over the World?

As a child we’ve all grown up wondering about what the cars of the future will look like, every year hoping for a company to discover ground breaking technologies which will lead to the creation of the ‘Hover’ car, with images of the DeLorean DMCEV from the Back to the Future trilogy in every one’s minds! But, what about a car made entirely of wood? Yes that’s right, a car made 100% (minus the engine and the tyres) from trees!!!

The all new ‘Maniwa’ built by Japanese company ‘Sada-Kenbi’ is the first, and only car ever to have been made entirely out of wood, confusing the feelings of car manufacturers to the max! The difference is, Sada-Kenbi doesn’t actually manufacture cars, they build various items out of wood, with the Maniwa becoming a new addition to the sculpted family!

Looking inside the car at its interior, yup you guessed it, it’s all wood! From the floors, to the frames and features! The car includes motorbike like handle bars by the single driver seat upfront, with bench style seating in the back for up to 2 persons. Very stylish!

The completely wooden car has been deemed fully legal, making it the perfect car to drive about! It’s extremely green and carbon friendly, a bonus for our lovely planet! Plus I’m sure cutting down a few trees makes up for a spectacularly cool car right? The car reaches a top speed of 50mph from the 175cc engine, not massively fast, but exempt for a small trip on the road!

At a cost of just £26,000, for the only wooden car in the world, what’s not to love?

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